Man on Fire

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”8464″ img2=”8465″]

Down to Earth

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1704″ img2=”1703″]

Speed of Life

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1726″ img2=”1725″]


[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1722″ img2=”1721″]

Nation's Pride

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1718″ img2=”1717″]

Need For Speed

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1720″ img2=”1719″]

By Your Side

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1700″ img2=”1699″]

Down The Way

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1702″ img2=”1701″]

Summer Breeze

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1728″ img2=”1727″]

Ice Cold

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1712″ img2=”1711″]


[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1730″ img2=”1729″]

Winter Rains

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1732″ img2=”1731″]

Breathing Fire

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1698″ img2=”1697″ width=”192″]

Flashing Lights

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1706″ img2=”1705″]


[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1724″ img2=”1723″]

Life of Luxury

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1714″ img2=”1713″]

Holiday Cheer

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1710″ img2=”1709″]

Game Day

[twenty20 offset=”0.5″ img1=”1708″ img2=”1707″]

AMG Lightroom Preset Pack (2018)

18 brand new presets with a wide variety of color, mood, and style. Easy to install, use, and tweak for further customization. These are the presets I use to edit my photos on Instagram


Included Presets: Man on Fire, By Your Side, Nightcrawler, Breathing Fire, Down to Earth, Life of Luxury, Ice Cold, Holiday Cheer, Speed of Life, Down The Way, Need For Speed, Nation’s Pride, Vintage, Flashing Lights, Summer Breeze, Winter Rains, Oceanside & Game Day


Keep in mind that Lightroom presets should serve as a baseline in your editing workflow and are not a one click fix-all solution. Every photo is unique and each of these presets will yield different results depending on exposure, color, image quality, etc. Shoot in RAW format and properly expose your photos to achieve the best results


PLEASE NOTE: These plugins  are compatible with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop/Camera Raw on both PC/MAC as well as the mobile version of Lightroom. Installation instructions are included in the .RAR file that you will receive upon purchase. Once payment is processed you will be directed to a download page. Be sure to include a valid e-mail address during checkout as a copy of the download link will be sent there as well